Olive Branch hosts an awesome event called Mayfest every year in Old Towne, and they’ve asked us to perform this year! Not only is it a great chance to meet people in the city and see us play music for FREE, it’s also a fun event for the whole family. There will be arts and crafts for the kids, food vendors, games, and all kinds of entertainment for everyone! We haven’t played a concert since September, so we hope you’ll make it out to see what we’ve been working on. We’ll have tee shirts, cd’s, sunglasses, and posters for sale, and we’ll be hanging out meeting people for a while before and after, so make plans to be there May 9th. We start at 3:00 PM, but the whole event lasts from 9 until 5. We’d love to see you there!

UPDATE:  Mayfest has been cancelled due to the weather, sorry to everyone who made plans to come!  We will be doing more events later on in the year, so keep an eye out!